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Naples’s currency is the Euro. Commonly used small coins are the 20 cent, 50 cent. The two main coins are the 1 euro a gold-coloured ring and silver-coloured central disc  coin, and the 2 euro silver-coloured ring and  gold-coloured central disc  coin. Paper bills come in €5, €10, €20, €50, €100, €200 and €500 denominations.


The electrical current in Italy is 220 volts, 50 cycles alternating current (AC); wall outlets accept continental-type plugs, with two or three round prongs.

You may purchase a universal adapter, which has several types of plugs in one lightweight, compact unit, at travel specialty stores, electronics stores, and online. You can also pick up plug adapters in Italy in any electric supply store for about €2 each. You’ll likely not need a voltage converter, though. Most portable devices are dual voltage (i.e., they operate equally well on 110 and 220 volts)—just check label specifications and manufacturer instructions to be sure. Don’t use 110-volt outlets marked “for shavers only” for high-wattage appliances such as hair dryers.

Coffee & Tipping

When you take a coffee at bar (standing or sitting) it’s customary to leave 10 cent or 20 cent on the table while asking coffee. Usually you’ll receive a free glass of water (still or sparkling) near the cup of coffee.  Restaurant tipping is left to the customer’s discretion, but the customary amount is 10% – 15%. It is also customary to tip bellhops, luggage handlers, at your discretion, For taxi drivers no tipping is required.


Smoking is not permitted in the Congress facilities. Public health regulations prevents smoking in public buildings, on public transit and in all restaurants and lounges, except open site.

Liquor Laws

In Naples the legal drinking age is 18; many bars and restaurants are open until very late in the night in some parts of the city. In Italy there are stiff penalties for drinking and driving.


Useful numbers


  • Carabineers: 112
  • Police: 113
  • Traffic Police: +39 081 5954111/081 2208311
  • Fire brigade: 115
  • Municipal Police: + 39 081 7513177


  • First aid station: 118


  • 081 202020/081 8888 /081 5560202/081 5515151/ 081 5525252